Saturday, October 30, 2010

Returning to normal ?

Our lovely visitor (my nephew) has left and our house is strangely quiet.  It's quite amazing how the addition of one person can liven up a household.  We all have our routines, our habits and it is interesting to observe how these are changed when someone else comes to stay.  I enjoyed getting out and about a little more than usual, visiting a few places I haven't been to for a while.

We live very close to temperate rain forest and as my nephew loves to walk, we went for a walk in the forest to see a small waterfall.  I had forgotten just how lovely it is to walk in the forest and really enjoyed being reminded that this beautiful place lies on our doorstep.  The smell of the trees, the tree ferns, the undergrowth, the damp earth and all the birds making their different calls was delightful. 

My nephew comes from a dry region in Australia where it rains infrequently and running water is a novelty.  I was delighted to see the enthusiasm on his face at the sight of the small waterfall and what is really just a small creek.  We spent a very pleasant 20 minutes standing on the little bridge watching the water and tossing in leaves and twigs to see them rushing over the rocks and into the distance.  My nephew was itching to get his hands in the running water, so after a quick scramble down the embankment that's just what he did.  The enthusiasm of youth is infectious and we spent a large amount of time laughing at silly things and generally having fun.

My two daughters who are 20 and 17 enjoyed spending time with their cousin who they rarely see.  The last night he stayed with us, the four of us got caught up in a cushion fight (which I started I might add) and I can't remember the last time I laughed so much my belly hurt.  There is something quite liberating about trying to hit a very tall, strong  22 year old nephew on the head with a cushion, grabbing cushions off your opponent, dancing around chairs and sofas to avoid getting hit on the head yourself.  :-)  Don't you think it's great that a 48 year old auntie and mother can start a cushion fight and enjoy it?  Oh the bliss of not acting ones age!!!  :-)

I would have to say that I very successfully spent 3 days living in the moment while my nephew was staying with us.  Very pleasant moments they were too.

I hope everyone is going well and thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings.



  1. Laughter is the best medicine! Cherrie

  2. Cherrie, your're up late too? :-)

  3. Glad you had such a good time with your nephew.

  4. How marvelous Anne. Sometimes all it takes is a little variance from our norms to shed light on the things we forget are so enjoyable.

  5. That's good that you had a wonderful few days. I've had family staying for the weekend, the house is so quiet now they've gone. Rather wearying though, a toddler makes quite a difference to my usual peaceful life!
    I hope this next week will be a good one for you.
    Peace, Eve x

  6. Hello, I was first attracted to your blog by it's title.
    I have a print on my wall:
    "If you fell down yesterday, stand up today" HG Wells.
    It's an encouraging thought for me coz I've got the triple whammy too!
    But it is, what it is.
    It's been enlightening, comforting and interesting to read how you live with "it".