Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Handling the off days

I suppose it had to end, the feeling good every day.  What a lovely holiday it was waking up feeling happy, refreshed, enthusiastic and well, just well.  Today I'm off colour in every respect, but you know what, even though I feel out of it, it's o.k.  This too shall pass and who knows by this evening I may well be feeling better.

I am continually surprised by how much I am affected by stress, little stresses, big stresses, they are a direct link to my overall sense of well being.  The stress of a situation or situations is generally not going to disappear immediately.  So the question might be how to manage these so that they have minimal effect on how we feel?  Still learning how to do that but a very good start might be by living in the moment.  When I live in the moment, I'm hopefully thinking about what I'm doing right now, not about how I'm going to manage the next 6 hours or even the next 5 minutes.  I find this very hard to do because I'm generally someone who likes to be organised and plan ahead.  Sometimes that just does my head in, especially on off days.

We have a visitor coming, someone I'm looking very much forward to spending time with and I'm so annoyed that I'm feeling off.  The annoyance isn't helping me one bit, so I need to remember that people who come to visit, come to see us, not the house, the dog who smells and needs a bath, the floor that needs washing, the windows that desperately need cleaning from the dog slobber.  There will be a bed, food, shelter, love, laughter and friendship.  They are the important things, yes?

I'm about to live in the moment of eating some honey on toast (yummy homemade bread) and a lovely cup of tea.  Let the rest of the day take care of itself.



  1. Go wipe that window, put the the smelly dog out and remember rule 11. Thinking of you. Cherrie

  2. So glad you seem to have found the solution Anne. Nobody said it was easy just simple!!

    I hope you will enjoy your visitor and of course if they are worth seeing they will not care two hoots about the floor or the dog or anything else as long as you are good company!!


  3. Hi Anne, thanks so much for taking the time to comment at my place..I really appreciate your thoughts..especially on a struggly day for you : ) I have been observing the deadlines & stress thing quite a bit lately & find that I do much better when I can take things as they come, do the next thing in front of me & leave what I don't finish for another day. I think that that's why I find Christmas time so stressful even though I enjoy lots of bits of it...because there are more obligations & deadlines than at any other time. It's not quite the same finally getting the pressies sorted 2 days late now is it!? I have to reply to an invite to a smorgasbord lunch for my Phone News for the blind group & it's almost put me in to a spin just dealing with that! Much love Catherine

  4. Have you read any of the books by Thich Nhat Hanh? A Buddhist Zen Master but you don't need to be a Buddhist to benefit from his writings. There's much to be learned about living in the moment and mindful living.
    If you Google him you'll find some of his sayings. I've several of his books and find them a continuing source of reminders to live in the present moment.
    Enjoy your visitor who I'm sure won't notice dog slobbered windows etc. Think about when you visit someone - are you looking for dog slobber or enjoying the company of your friend?
    Eve x

  5. You guys are great. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate your feedback and thoughts...I don't feel quite so alone in my struggles anymore.
    Anne xx

  6. You're definitely not alone.
    Hugs, Eve x

  7. Hope you are feeling a bit better. If you learn how to live in the moment could you pass on a few tips. I like to be organised too and that means thinking ahead doesn't it? So if you manage to sort out the balance I'd be keen to learn the secret.
    Sue x