Monday, October 4, 2010

Lost in a world of creativity

In complete contrast to yesterday, today has been a better day.  Routines are good things as they force you to be active.  So much so that I even swept and mopped the floor and now I feel like I've got some head space.  Back to that thought in a moment.

My oil painting classes resumed today so I was able to enter that magical world of creativity, being lost in strokes of brush against canvas, colours, the smell of paint and turps.  A little bit of conversation with fellow artists, admiring the photos and paintings our teacher took and painted from her recent trip to France (she flew in this morning) and the the tranquility that comes from doing something you love.

Before painting class I cut out a pattern to make a little bird made from fabric.  I've been yearning to make some since I've started blogging and seen them on other blogs.  They look so cute.  So two creative opportunities in one day  Sigh.  (A good sigh).

Back to thoughts on head space.  Does anyone have a theory on why clutter in our houses makes us feel like we are cluttered in the head?  I'd like to understand the psychology behind it.


  1. Not sure why a cluttered house makes us feel like that, I just know that I always feel so much lighter when I've had a good tidy up and got rid of some unwanted stuff.

  2. I look forward to seeing some of your work- and - I hope you stay in that lovely creative zone.

  3. Thank you for your comment and interest.

  4. Glad you enjoyed your painting session, I too must get back into it, i've done a couple of commissions this year, but other than that its been sparse, its difficult with my little girl to look after, but she has just started nursery 5 mornings a weeek, so gives me enough time to get a 'stage' done, I usually do about 4 stages of oil, before im finished, I sooo love the smell of oil paint too, but not keen on the turps!
    On the subject of tidyness, I like my house to be tidy and in order, or I feel anxious, tidy, clean house equals a calm, ordered mind, I have been like this for years though, I can't be any other way! Look foward to seeing some of your creative projects! x