Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Handling stress and running on empty

Life is a continual juggling act I've decided.  After recently having a husband collapse at work while I was interstate visiting my parents, resolving complicated issues with one daughter and supporting the other daughter who is stressed out to the max with her last year of school, I'm feel I'm rather running on empty at the moment.

Today I thought I would visit the nearest big shopping centre as it's the only place I can buy bags for my vacuum cleaner.  While there I could have a bit of a wander, have a coffee and basically have a little me time.  WELL....that was being just a bit too hopeful, wasn't it.  I get a text message from daughter No. 1 saying "I need you mum."  My heart starts pounding, my stomach is churning, oh my, what's going on.  She came down with a migraine not long after I left home and managed a couple of hours without me.  She goes numb on one side, gets strange vision and feels rather woozy in the head.  I'm sure it must be quite horrible for her. She had done all the right things, she was in bed, had taken pain killers, had been drinking water, but she was scared because I wasn't home.  Goodness, how are these girls going to manage when hubby and I go overseas next year?!!!

I'm feeling altogether bogged down with domestic issues at the moment and am longing to have a bit of space where I can just be me without thinking about what time someone needs picking up, what's for dinner, the washing needs doing, I need to put the bread on, the biscuit tin is empty, the chooks are running out of food, does hubby need some shirts ironed for work, the floor needs vacuuming, the bathroom is mouldy, my house is messy and dusty....and all I want to do is either sleep or paint.  Blah, blah, blah!!!!!  :)  There, I've said it.  I'll be alright now, just needed to get that off my chest.  Thanks for listening to my grumbles.



  1. Hello Anne, I know just how you feel. Sometimes I feel like the more I do the more is expected of me. Just when I think I've got on top of the housework, Hubby decides it's time to have a sort out and we have boxes everywhere. And my girls, most of the time they are lovely but pretty clueless around the house. I wonder how they would cope without me. But the truth is they would cope because they would have to manage for themselves. You do your painting and go to Europe next year and have the time of your life - your girls will survive! Take care, Sue x

  2. Anne, do what you can, when you can. You cannot be all things to all people. You're probably a perfectionist but life is not perfect. Life would be really dull if everything was perfect wouldn't it? Nothing to worry about, nothing to smile about, no-one to care about because everything would be right with the world. Be pleased with the perfect bits, do what you can with the imperfect bits then have a bit of 'me' time and that's more than enough. If life gets too much just split it up into achievable bits.
    Gosh, I sound like a therapist don't I? Please feel free to ignore this comment. It sounds like you're doing a great job with everyone.
    Love from Mum

  3. I feel like that sometimes Anne. Being on my own with three kids I can feel like I am being pulled in all directions at the same time and it can get overwhelming. You sound like a fab mum to me and I'm sure your girls will be just fine. I hope your hubby is all good now? xx

  4. HI Anne
    heheh.. I love this.. you know I purposely avoid whinging on my blog as I know I would open a door hard for me to close.. but great to hear someone else do it.. good to get stuff off one's chest..

    I feel for your daughter.. a migraine sufferer as well.. foods can play a big part in this.. does she have wheat allergies? or sugar.. when i got off sugars and bad carbs for an insulin problem.. many other long standing issues disappeared.. hooray.. dull food.. but hooray

    So.. your comment my way was timely.. I think you should paint and hope I have provided some inspiration. [btw sent you an email of the original shot.. just for your interest]

    Ok.. take care.. don't worry too much how the girls will cope.. I find I am far more invisible when I am on my own with no one to help... it will be a great challenge for them.. and a chance to get to know their own strengths.. [hope that doesn't sound to ???? whatever.. hahaha]

    Have a great weekend.. ciao xxxx Julie

  5. I felt like this too and little by little changes were made. It was rather unsettling for the family who were used to mum being full time & always there. I've joined clubs started volunteering at the charity shop & maybe will get a job. Joe at 15 still calls out " Hi Mum " when he comes home from schol & tells me if I'm not there calling back the house feels empty.

    Your poor girl. My mother & brother suffered with Migraine for years. All I can think looking back ( as the Migraines stopped ) that it was a stressful unhappy time so try to reduce stress as much as possible ( easily said I know )

    I'm sorry your time out was cut short but each time will get longer. I go away with friends now ! I set a few jobs while I'm away like vacuuming etc
    Hope you can find some relief for your daughter's migraine xx

  6. Hi Anne, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I just had an 'ah HA!' moment reading yours, thank goodness it's not just me then! It can be hard not to let it all get on top of you, but we muddle through don't we? My philosophy is, I don't want to be on my deathbed wishing I had done more housework! I figure the mess all around me is just a spill-over of what's in my head. I just spent the morning doing papier mache with my friend next door, came home and the dishes and laundry are all still there waiting to be done, but I feel more cheerful about tackling it now!
    Hang in there xxx Dominique