Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A lovely day

Today was a lovely day and isn't fab to have one every now and then?  I took the birthday person (see birthday time) , out to lunch at a lovely bohemian type cafe with Moroccan influences in food and decor.  They also sell Moroccan decor items such as mirrors, lamps, pottery, candle holders and today they had some beautiful leather square and round floor cushions in amazing colours like aqua and red.  They were exquisitely made but at $345 each I decided not to bring one home.

This popular cafe is certainly a feast for the senses and suits the more quirky and out there parts of my personality.  It's so nice doing something you enjoy isn't it?  It's like taking a holiday from all the other stuff.  Note to self, make time to visit this cafe again soon.  Here's to taking more mind holidays!

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