Monday, August 23, 2010

What makes you happy, even for 60 seconds?

When thoughts are crowding my head and they aren't pretty, I really enjoy a break of even 60 seconds when I can think of something happy, beautiful, funny etc.  Sometimes I need a little help and that's why I surround myself with things that I find beautiful, things that give me a lift.  I'm not talking about an ocean view or a meadow of flowers (although that would help), I'm talking about little things like taking the time to pick one flower sprig from a pelagoniam struggling to flower in the winter sunshine.  Placed on the kitchen window sill I can appreciate that even a flower can bloom in the cold miserable winter weather.  

I've made two big mood boards of visually enjoyable images.  Mostly they are pictures from magazines, something that gets a postitve emotional response from me.  I also have a poem on one board written by my daughter, her poem moves me.  One of these boards is in my bedroom so when I wake up in the morning it's one of the first things I see.

So I wonder if we can find something thing today that gives us 60 seconds maybe more of joy and happiness, a reprieve from the less pretty stuff in our heads.

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