Sunday, November 14, 2010

Where's the sunshine gone

This weekend is really a bit off a fizzer as far as sunshine goes.  That's not only weather wise but for me too.  I really dislike waking up with that heavy feeling in my body and the immediate thought that goes with it, oh no, it's going to be one of those days.  Well I have to say that rather than wallow in my I don't want to get out of bed feeling, I now try to think this is not a good start to the day....but it may get better.

When my lovely hubbie asks me if I'm o.k., I can say "Today is not a good day for me, but I'll be o.k."  And I will be.  Isn't it nice to have reached a place where I can say and think that?  This morning being Sunday I have the luxury of not having to be out the door to take Miss G. to school, my family is home and we are all relaxing or pottering around the house doing bits and pieces.  I have decided to spend a little extra time in bed this morning, just slowly working my way up into the day, not pressuring myself to get on with the laundry, cleaning up the kitchen, the baking that needs doing or tidying up my never ending mess.  Instead I've had a cup of tea, breakfast and morning coffee, all in bed :-)  And of course reading the blogs I follow (laptops are wonderful as is wireless internet connection), making a few comments here and there, and dealing with a few very NASTY hot flushes.  I'm taking the time to think about creative ideas that are running around in my head, being inspired but other people's creativity and making a list of things I'd like to make.

Last night I made some Christmas baubles for the girls to hang on their bedroom doorknobs.  If you follow my other blog, you will already know this, sorry.  The enjoyment I get out of having an idea in my head and then actually bringing it to fruition is so rewarding.  A huge part of the joy of creating is sharing it with others.  I really love the internet and blogging for this very reason, the sharing and caring with heaps of wonderful people.

On a slightly different note, I would like to mention an experience I had late Friday afternoon which brought home to me how fortunate I really am and in comparison to some other people.  I was at the local pharmacy to pick up my happy pills (as I call them) and bumped into an acquaintance of some 15 years or so.  Some of our children were at primary school together so there is a connection of sorts.  We were asking how our respective families were going and I learnt in this particular family, the son who has just turned 20 is suffering a rare and aggressive form of cancer which needs to be treated with an equally aggressive type of chemo for a year.  The young man who is sick only has one kidney, so there are many things to be concerned about.  The mother suffers extreme anxiety and depression and has been very unwell for two years and is basically housebound.  Her illness started before the son was diagnosed with cancer.  The father, whom I was talking to, had two years previously been suffering a digestive disorder which now thankfully is under control.  The father is the sons carer and a daughter is the mothers carer.  So you see, in comparison what do I have to complain about?  Very little.

Tomorrow the sunshine will be out and as I'm typing this I can see out my bedroom window the clouds clearing and blue sky is showing.



  1. How terrible for them. I cannot iagine the agony or watching a child possibly die. I've been really fortunate this last week because I may have finally found the major cause of my fatigue. According to a naturopath a friend put me onto I am suffering from adrenal gland fatigue. Of course I am meant to go off everything, most of which is a really good idea because I have not been eating properly since the split. It was funy talking to the lady over the phone. She was saying "now we really needto eliminate the underlying cause of your problems" and I was thinking "but that would be murder". Anyway I have possibly moved on from just having the one cause of stress to making my own cause by not eating properly. Now I have to eat heaps of protein so my glands can be repaired and I am not a protein person. Hoping you find some little joy today. Cherrie

  2. Oh how sorry I am for that poor family - some people really do have the worst of luck in life don't they? I am glad you are finidng your own way through your doen times and it sounds good to me to take time to rest up and to be able to think over some creative ideas. I am sure that like me when you are busy being cretive all other thoughts (including the depressing ones) fly away even if only for a short while. Keep going one step at a time eh?!!


  3. I know that feeling well.
    I so want to jump out of bed in the morning full of beans, but instead I have that heavy, "dragging around" feeling.
    But I've been trying something which seems to be helping.
    Recently I discovered EFT for my anxiety - and it really helped.
    Now, I'm trying it to overcome that yuk feeling in the morning.
    Plus I rub my ears really fast (they have acupressure points) to get my blood circulating and my energy up.
    So far so good.

    links if you are interested.

  4. Lovely lady from freefalling, sorry I don't know your name. Thanks for the links, I'll check them out. I have your blog on my blog roll and I've gone back through your posts but haven't discovered your name. Care to share? :-)

  5. Cherrie, I hope you find a solution for your adrenal gland fatigue that works for you. It certainly is a plausible explanation for any person who has been through extreme periods of stress. Good luck.

  6. Jane, I do find when I'm in creating mode, not one negative thought would dare cross my mind as I'm having too much fun. It's another reason why I try to be creative once a day. It gives my mind a rest.

  7. Times like those do make us realise how lucky we are to have our family close and healthly don't they. I had no idea you had this blog Anne or I would've popped along sooner. I too am on anti-depressants. I too wake up sometimes and just think 'not today, thank you' and I too embrace my creativity because it soothes my mind. I think you are incredibly brave for starting this blog and I admire you because it's people like you that make people like me realise we are not alone. xx

  8. Terrie you are such a sweetie. Thank you. Hopefully by bringing the issues covered in this blog out into the open, it will help people just a little. It helps me by talking about it. It's not so much that I want to wallow, it's more about talking about some of life's greatest challenges, how they can be managed and handled. Having the other blog kind of balances me out and you will see that I post far more there because that is the part of my life I want to emphasise...the FUN bits. :-)
    Wishing you a lovely day,
    Anne xx

  9. I found you via A Thrifty Mrs and your words are such a comfort. Yesterday was a very low day for me, today a bit better and then improved even more by reading your blog (and such positive comments too!).
    My creative side got pushed out by clinical depression years ago and is slowly making a come-back, thanks, I feel, to having found blogland.
    So, cheers-me-dear, I hope it is OK to follow you?
    Z xx

  10. Hello and thanks for leaving a comment and choosing to follow my blog. I hope that what I ramble on about here can be of help to others as much as it helps me to talk about it.
    Anne xx