Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Surprising myself

This post has been mulling around in my mind for a few weeks after a situation which knocked me over with a feather.  Before I go any further, the situation has since been resolved but I am left wondering who I am.  Oh I know who I am, but I'm asking the question of myself, who is the person who reacted so emotionally.  I can never, ever remember being so full of despair, so gob smacked by something before.   I am the type of person who is a problem solver, I'm stubborn and never give up and I have never before felt that there was nothing I could do.

Where did that feeling leave me?  Sobbing uncontrollably for an age.  Nobody in my family knew how to help me, what to say to me, what to do.  I didn't know either.  Remembering that night is not pleasant.....realising that I could be so affected by something and have no control over my emotions was very confronting.

In relection, I've realised a number of things -

1.  I still don't know myself 100%.
2.  Some situations need time to be resolved.
3.  There are some things that are beyond my control and that's o.k.
4.  I need to develop more patience and understanding, not only with myself but with others.
5.  Communication is the single most important thing in any situation.
6.  Always try to see the big picture and be prepared to look at something from someone else's perspective.
7.  When your head is telling you to butt out of something but your intuition is telling you to butt in, follow your intuition, it's always right.
8.  Life is about expecting the unexpected.
9.  Remember that life's experiences are opportunities to learn things about other people and yourself.
10.  Emotions are a part of life even if they can sometimes be overwhelming, it's what makes us human.

May life not throw anymore surprises at me just yet, I need to take a big breath.