Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Catch up

It's certainly a while since I posted on this blog, so perhaps I should catch up with myself so to speak.

All is generally well with metal health issues although I know the danger time for me is looming up ahead in the cold and darker months.  I'm hoping by being aware of my vulnerabilities at this time of the year, I can put in place a few things to help maintain an even keel.

There are some things coming up on the calender to look forward to and keep me busy.  I have Miss C.'s 21st and Miss G.'s 18th birthdays which are on the 4th and 14th of June respectively.  So some planning will have to be done for the 18th b'day which will be celebrated at home.  It's time to think about decorations, food and guest lists.

I always visit my parents on the farm in July, so that is something I'm looking forward too.  It's always so nice to see them, my farming brother and his family too.  Thinking about home makes me somewhat sad as they are in the most appalling drought.  I keep reminding myself that worrying will not change a thing.

Winter is the time of year I look forward to watching some of the Tour de France.  I love the aerial shots from the helicopter and all the views of the countryside and villages the cyclist ride through.  It's almost like having a little holiday in France.

Despite the fairly happy demeanour that is portrayed on my other blog, there really are moments when I have to take stock and remember to not put any pressure on myself to be anything other than what I am.  I wish I  wasn't so needy of the good opinion of others.  I tell myself I don't need it, but if I'm honest I look for it.  Perhaps more of my focus should be on what others have to say and responding to them rather than my own posts and whether others like what I say.  This blogging business certainly is a powerful tool for encouraging and supporting others.

The issue here is (I think), is I have so much admiration and respect for the people on the blogs I follow and would like to think that a little of that was reciprocated.  However, it's not necessary to my survival :),  and I should concentrate on the things that make me happy not what I think others want to see or hear.  I really should take a big dose of my own medicine as I'm always telling others to be themselves.  It's always the way though isn't it?  It's very hard to take our own advice.  :)

So just a little catch up today.  Nothing nasty or horrible and isn't that nice!